If you put too much

things in that one bag, it will soon break..

If you put too much hopes and expectation on that someone, he/she is going to dissapoint you..for sure..
And when you feel dissapointed on that one thing, just remember that he/she had done right that other 999 before..
1/1000 failure rate should be entitled to just some mild annoyance or very insignificant effect..
Remember that if we could give our benefit of doubt to our enemy, then we should do better than that to the one we love..

One thing weird in relationship

If we love that person, for all the nicest thing she/he do..God forbid..on daily basis..it will becomes NORMAL..as expected
but that one slight mistake,one slip of the tongue equals to MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT

Remember that things that is not said does not means that it doesn’t exist..

this is for us to remember..not only you but me also..

We can do it.
Yes we can!


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