of the corporate ladder

I met a friend and her hubby while shopping with my sister. and it started all this thinking..Perhaps i deserve to get more than i already got..

She honestly thought that i was getting the LeveL 4 for the MAPS evaluation this year, same like last year and with that jokingly demands that i belanja her or something. Only that, she got it wrong on both account. As i have pointed out a few weeks backs that i get Level 4 neither this  nor last year. My MAPS for both year are at Level 3.

Few AGMs are also suprised that i did not get 4.
Even more surprised that delegation from our department did not get the CEO Merit while every other personnel from other departments do get its due to the NEW Billing Projects. 

After some serious thoughts and reflecting,

i know that is more calming to think that i do my work so that i earned the money that i will use to buy food, pay rent, and helping family, than to think  that i should get the LEVEL 4 or 5, the CEO Merit, The Talent Pool whatnot..

I’m more happy with what i already have and already do than all those plan that i should do..

Want to take the credit?

By all means, up to you.I am however will not stop helping people when they need assistance from me. I’m not afraid to go the extra miles for it.

I want the peace of mind.Not the money. I have the money that  i need. And its enough for me.

Sincerely yours

Marlina Jamal


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