Remember me writing about  this ‘Vertigo’ that i had..ahhaha..i sort of found a quick and easy solution for it..solution kan..confident..

hehehe..I’m not sure whether it is directly related..but yeah..i’m feeling better since last more more pening2..

I remember my bloodwork result,then i remember one auntie in Sydney telling me…

tak tahu kenapa baru sekarang dapat put 2 and 2 together..haha

My blood work kate, my hemoglobin diameter/size is smaller than the minimum of normal range..the Doc told me to eat more bayam and exercise..saying my diet lack of causing me to have small hemoglobin (despite my bigger than normal badan ni..aishhhh)..

Auntie told me, when i ask her why she’s so energetic working full day 6 days a week for her new restaurant..beli barang, masak, mengemas,handling family and all..and she said she took suplement..and she said the most important is the iron dietry-suplement..

So i went to Klinik Menara, said that i want some suplement..i mintak MultiVitamin and then i mintak suplement untuk iron..

so what happens to me after a few days taking the pills since last week?

..i felt great..


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