NO diabetes..pheww!!

The blood result came in today..thankfully, nothing blood glucose level was in a very healthy middle range,thank you very much..

However, my cholestrol level is not so good..

I think i have some shrewed idea how it is so..hehehe.. i think i consume more eggs in a week that any normal person..i love that double eggs fried lightly with some pepper and salt, the yolk still dripping..that plus some hot plain rice..i called it my it!

hehe..i think i have to alter my working hours more work after 6..i need to have gym clothes (track suit,t shirt,sweater,sport shoe) with me everyday, so i can change,after office,then stop on the way homw at any taman for brief walking in the evening..

Plan will start after CNY. .

But then i forgot about one thing…hahaha..terlupa sgt nak tanya how about my vertigo thing..maybe sbb dah ok afetr  a few days taking the antivertigo pills,so terlupa that the reason dtg clinic in the first place…haha..


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