yesterday i had a meeting..

in that meeting, there’s this one guy.. it kept me thinking where did i met this guy before..he looks so familiar..then he smile..something clicked..but not yet..a few more smiles and laughs..then.. i know who he is or actually who i THINK he resemble..hahahahaha..

i had this perang dingin with this guy one of the few whom i respects. Anyhow, i’m getting tired of his dual real/pretentious character depending on who he is with..tired of him bajet2 he’s a good guy bersabar and all keep it inside..not to realise that, thats not bersabar..thats sound so much like a stupid things to do..

if he wants to bersabar..then tahan all the way is stupid to pendam everything and then let i go when cannot tahan anymore, but call it bersabar….pigi daa..anyway, other than that he’s good guy..tahu bezakan baik dan buruk..responsible..good listener..ok la..cuma tak tahan dgn perangai dier dok pendam2..and over2 sensitip..

hahaha..yesterday, it make me realise that i miss him..


4 thoughts on “yesterday i had a meeting..”

  1. cuba teka? sape tu……nk km bocorkan rahsia kerajaan ke?? hahhahhhaha kawan, cane2 pun bersahabat jugak….moga2 kembali bertaut seutuh dulu ya.. 🙂 comei

  2. hint1 : budak hebat yg baik.. baik sgt, adik yg sgt menjaga kakak2nye… skrg bercuti di malaysia….kan kan….hehehhehhe lawak le korang ni…susah sgt, nanti kita buat jejak kasih ya -foreverfriends-

  3. utk org dimaksudkan andai terbaca ruangan blog ni, … 🙂 sama2 kita kenang yg bebaik. yg kureng asam, kita jadikan sempadan ye…. rindu sgt yg geng yg best… tk cr

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