Daily entertainment…



I know i’m being so jahat for doing this..but then..its too much fun..serious..hahaha..

The thing is, i enjoy putting a serious/poker face whenever i enter an elevator/lift..usually at work..acting all serious and worked up ..this usually silence some extra friendly people who for no reason make jokes about their friend doing some slight mistake such as accidentally push wrong button, or getting out on the wrong level etc..i do find it funny though..but i kept my poker face, not laughing along with others or even crack a smile..hehehe..and yeah, thats silenced the ‘joker’ as soon as his sight met mine..as his joke appear not to interest me whatsoever..the way he/she stifle his/her laugh from his/her not so funny jokes..and thats..my friend is my entertainment..hahaha..On the inside i was actually ROFL…

I also made it my sport to act all serious and even more frightening to those whom i sense, are frightened/intimidated by me (for whatever reason la kan)..haha..i enjoy doing something to increase their fears/confirms to their suspicions..in such excess that i may have been acting for a parody drama of my real self except that there’s is no camera…In time, i hope they will eventually know that i’m just playing around and realized how ridiculous this ‘fear’ thing is..I usually do this to the new people..hahaha..sorry guys..

There’s more, but i think thats it for now..

“Maafkan bila ku tak sempurna….”….wakakakakaka


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