It’s Durian season!

I can’t say that i am very fond of durian. I remember during my childhood that i once puked for having force to eat some. As i grow older, i tend to eat some so as to make my nose immune to the smell. It will smell very strongly, perfumed the whole house but once you had a bite, the smell disappear into nothing. haha. Occasionally i will crave the taste. The creamy,milky and sometimes comes with a bit bitter aftertaste.

Durian yang terbaek, color dier kuning pekat.isi tebal,kulit nipis,biji kecil. And i fortunately dapat the best 2 durians i’ve ever remembered tasting. It cost me RM12 for 2kg. 1kg each. I like them rather small coz the probability each opens to one piece only. we called it ‘kucing tido’..i’m not very sure how the term come to be used to describe single piece per openings, but it had to do with the time when i was a child, i was excited to see the one-piece durian for the first time ‘waaahhh..macam kucing tido’.

Kak Hani does not eat durian. So it kinda a suffering for her la when i told her i’d like to buy some durian. haha. takde lah suffering sgt pon..sbb she asked me to eat it outside of the house. huhu..i tunjuk muka kesian..hahaha..taktik..I even force her to taste some becouse..sedapppppppp sgt..the best eva…don’t want her to missed it. So in turn she said she would like me to cook her some dishes. It turns out, she would like to have, nasik lemak dgn sambal tumis, telur rebus and ikan bilis goreng for saturday. Nasik minyak with lots of cashew nuts (inside the rice and outside as side dishes), kurma daging, ayam masak merah, and ayam goreng/barbeque with honey and soy souce (and other ingredients.) for sunday..hmm..ambil kesempatan betul..

“caner nak masak nasik minyak?” i asked her

“Jap kami called mak kami.”

“letak itu..letak ini..kene letak kas-kas.. susu carnation sket”

“kas-kas tu aper?”

“rempah kot”

“Abes tuh nak carik kat mana kas-kas ni..”

“tak payah la letak.”

So i end up masak nasik minyak without the kas-kas or the  susu carnation..Ghee still ade lebeh masak nasik tomato hari tu..i put some santan sket curik from portion to go in the kurma daging..then sesudu kecil susu pekat cap teko..haha…lantak ler..sedap je nasik aku..

The nasik lemak was a hit with sambal sotong with some sotong ade telur..telur sotong cook inside the sotong was superb la..mmg sedap..i grew up never know that it exist but Kak hani with her food lovers guide to penang introduce me to it.

If i’m not mistaken, on saturday we went back home like 1140 at night then i started cooking…we ate at 1230 kot..haha..thats our dinner..

Kak hani will always impressed of how i can make cooking so easy,simple and fast. While i always admire how she can turn my kinda bersepah living area into neat and tidy space yg membuatkan ruang tuh nampak luas in mere minutes after bebel-ing that i didn’t clean the house whenever she’s back in Penang.

“I do clean it you know. Sweeps and mops it, you know..And it does look fine by me anyway. You’re the one that have this monica-like thing, where everything has to be at their own place, in correct angle la. for me as long as its clean. ok la.”

“ok… nnt kalo hampa carik ketip kuku ngan sikat tak jumpa..jgn nak sebok cari kami,ok..”


Aku kalah….hahahaha

P/S: I actually learnt my lesson on that. i was already late the other day but i can’t seems to find my passcard..huhu..of course kejadian nih berlaku when she’s back in Penang while i’m in KL free to put my things everywhere, where ever as i pleased…after having to look though the whole bedroom,living room,in the laundry basket..then i found it..hanging innocently on the side of the clothes rack..huhu..but susah ler..some people are not born with the gift of placing things in a more organised way..huhuhu


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