Akhirnya Abang Darius tumpas..

hahaha..pehal bang..muke bengkek je biler dah kalah ehh..ahahahaha..ahahahaha..i restart the Boss Race countless of times..i even..swear loudly..chuck aside the controller..go drink some water..ok..alot of water(you know when you’re really frustrated and mad..you just gulp the whole bottle ;P)..change to play Onimusha instead then change to Winning Eleven..then finally.. I win..I win..my mouth left hanging when i cross the finish line with few thousands point to spare…hahahahahha…ahahhahahaha…it was so sweet..hehehe..

For those who has no idea of what i’m talking about..i appologized..i’m so in the mood to gloat…hehehehe..anyway..i was playing this Need For Speed Carbon on my PS2..(kasihankan..org lain dah ade PS3..i maseh PS2)..now that i have defeated the last boss…i can revert back playing LOTR The return of the Kings..I’ve been swicthing between those two..but dunno how, since i get my hands on Subaru Impreza dgn Body Kit 3…turn it yellow, and upgrade all to race package..memang mantapp..i forget about Frodo whose been nearly eaten by Sheelob..cian dier..hang in there litlle fella..i’ll be there this weekend..

I’ve just realised it yesterday that i havent upgrade the transmission and brake..so that’s why..amek conner cam hampehhh..after upgrading, barulah boleh cucuk2 Audi si Darius ah..all those frustrations for nothing..so thats the key to sucess..that i finally beat Darius..

Test drive the Maclaren Merc..tapi tak begitu agile like Abang Subaru,bunyi pon tak best..hahaha..Abang Subaru sound so bagak..then after winning the race..unlock Audi..test drive..no no no..nothing beat my tier 3 tuner..Abang Subaru…hahaha..cam nak bg nama kat dier..but then Abang Subaru sound not so bad..hehe..i want to treat me to something la..celebrate the winning..hehehehe..maybe beli Carrera


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