Question and Answer

Was called for a test at IBM Plaza last week along with some other fresh grads ( i assume, coz they look young)..

i was so nervous..i even signed to space where i supposed to write my name…hohoho..gerenti candidate yg gagal la ni kan..

then while the IBM staff was giving a briefing on the test, me overeagerly asked a question, i was given an annoyed look by that missy,before she answer

“let me finish first.”

by the way..i was asking, whether we should transfer the answer on to the answer SHEET..instead of just in the question booklet..coz what i heard she gave the briefing, she refer the QUESTION BOOKLET as an ANSWER BOOKLET..haiyoh..

some questions forms in my over active brain…

answer booklet??does not look like it?one sheet je nih…ke question booklet nih jugak answer booklet..where we can put our answer there? should we transfer the answer to the answer sheet that has been provided?

After giving me that annoyed look, again, she referred to the question booklet as an answer booklet with further emphasize this time.

“sukati ko la cina” i contented saying this to myself.

The test was so bangangly i don’t put high hopes to be called back for an me please give me RM5k a month..I’m yours.

After the test, i was held back,packing up my bag after pulling out all the photocopied certs. She had the opportunity to glance at the top of my certs and began to read the form i have filled earlier. Then i asked her what is the meaning of non-compete agreement.

Well a non-compete agreement was an agreement that bound you to any organization. She said.

“like a scholarship bond you mean?”
“yes…do you..?”
“yup..Telekom Malaysia”
“how long?”
“another 9 years”
“hmm..we generally do not help candidate with this..there are no arrangement..yadi yada..”
“well, i’m just trying my luck.”
“actually we are looking for personnel for an entry level job”
“yeah, i know. As i said. Just trying my luck. This test has been a great experience , you know. Well thank you.”
I show my hand for a hand shake. She pretended to be busy with the papers, did not take my hand. I hold it still. Unable to avoid it any longer she took my hand.

“Thank you for the opportunity and time to invite me for this test.”
“Yeah.” Blushed. Embarrassed.

At the door i almost say

“By the way Miss, its a QUESTION booklet NOT an ANSWER booklet. As you may see. There only one sheet for recording the answer. And you does not permit writing or marking in the booklet where the questions are, which make it entirely a QUESTION booklet nonetheless.”

But I’m afraid that it might hurt my chance of getting the job.

But it left me unsatisfied. haha…to make myself feel better, i write this now. hahaha.haaaaaaaaaaaaa…leeeeegaaaaa…

Pengajaran: Jangan tgk org tade mata. Perempuan melayu pakai baju kurung.Chubby.Nampak cam makcik. tidak semestinya dier ni beneath you wahai Cina. Sometimes you’ll just embarrassed yourself in front of people you hope impressed by your achievement of whatever.

I get the same kind of treatment at the CPA booth during the career day. Cina again, make some instructions to her staff to entertained people around while in the middle of a conversation with me about the program. Raser nak hempok je dgn beg kulit aku yg berat ni.


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