Sukati ekau lah..

i rarely speak in negri. Usually i reserve that when i want to do a one line joke.

If someone so stubborn and i couldn’t be bother trying to correct him..

“sukati ekau lah..”

If i was being stubborn and lazy to give explanation for my stubbornness..

“den goma,den buek..den tak goma, den tak buek”

Random things i would like to say

Its funny when we observe someone having a guilt-fits. A term i use when someone starting a campaign or streams of actions,of blog posts,of status updates in facebook or anything..after an incident which makes him felt guilty and trying very hard to self justify

A person so afraid of being judge is a person who knows that he will be judge badly and he cares about how he looks in the eye of others. Similar to those who afraid of being boxed coz he know he will not fit.

A person who is so afraid of getting bad influence from others is someone who did not have the confidence that he will remain as he is and be true to himself. A person who is so comfortable in his own comfort zone with little disregards of other’s need of him should not be a he. A woman responsibilities is for herself and her family and a man’s is for himself, his family, his friend,his society, his nation, Islam.

A lot of people failed the test of loneliness. Offer your company and you will never know how far it will go in helping others to cope with the loneliness that they felt.

Fighting only for yourself to be at the top will leave you going downhill all alone.

The most important impression you would want to leave is not the first but the last.

“He’s a good man, a good son, even better father. He’s generous,kind, well meaning and helpful.he cares for other as much as himself and his family. He’ll be ok. He has gone to a btter place.”


“He never failed in any his subjects, very good at sport, wakil Malaysia you know. He’s very the kaya raya, oh my his car..did you see it just now on your way in?. It such a shame i really love his style, the way he dress. Smart..rrrrr”

Which one would you like people say to each other when visiting your jenazah.

Think about it.


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