blog make over

hehe..hows the new look..

I was heavily considering whether i should move to move i mean officially move..coz i did have a blog account there (using the same name~ loudthinkerspace)

Recently i manage to import my friendster blog ( and also this one, in fact) to my wordpress. Still finding means of doing so with my other blog at yahoo 360..hehe..byknyer blog aku..haha..and kalo rajin…maybe aku akan import some of my writings from fotopages too.

tried to redirect this blog to that of wordpress but then ade prob to mengubati luka dihati inney..i pun buat le makeover..haha..

But then i found google sites plak..haha..i’m still exploring it functions..link2 yg ada sumer nih belum berfungsi a few days kot..

“Langit tak selalunya cerah,” pesan orang tua. berpada-padalah dalam gembira.


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