Engaging myself to something more than this…

What else should i writes here..This blog has been somewhat of a platform for me to tell stories of my life…everyday occurrences, things that I suddenly remembered, or things for others to read..and somehow, I felt that this theme is too common and somehow started to give this unfulfilling feelings to me as a writer..It’s not a bad things though, writing about own experiences, it can brighten up someone’s day, even I myself will often take time to blog-hunting for everyday stories..of those people I know and those I don’t know but whom I felt connected to..But I think it’s time that,I wrote something else apart from what I have written here so far..hehe..Here is a list of topics that I will write in the future

  1. Telekom Malaysia –My love-hate relationship
  2. Academics – Economics, Accounting, English, Mathematics, Physics
  3. Photography – Photojournalism type ( I try my best to make it as so)
  4. Rating – hotel, movie, songs, holiday spot
  5. Personal experiences


I will try to update every day. Hehe. I need to engage myself to something, so I will not again felt so angry at someone or something at works that cause me to demam panas,migraine etc as happened recently.


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