Evy & Boy Wedding Reception

Tenkiu evy for looking this way!

kes tak boleh duduk diam kat meja..hehe..p/s I love the dessert

berjumpa rakan2 lama

I was rudely interrupted by this perempuan. Tak perasan yang dier termasuk kat gambar Afiq nih, have no intention at all to include her.

Tutup2 muka konon. Ko hengat ko chantek! Terlanjur ade plak muka pompuan nih, aku citer satu bende.

Dunno whats her problem. I was taking pictures from the side and was about to leave when i decide to take Afiq’s pics (he’s one of the emcee). Out of the blue,harshly, she ‘intruct’ me, like i’m some sort of her subordinate or something.

“Eh,duduk. duduk”

Mind you, her voice sound like a command more than it should have sound courteous. Friends taking picture of her friends wedding is normal la, even if a friend is not the hired photographer that night. If i were to do things as i like with little disregard of majlis orang, i would be getting all the shots with angle of my choice. Instead, i contented myself with shot from the side, a girl’s head make it way into the frame and no good shot for Evy’s lovely wedding gown.

Yes i know this is a sit down dinner type of reception and yes, i think i know the appropriate time when i should go back to my table.The time should be after a few shots of my friend’s glorious night. Evy has other friends too and not just you.

She’s even worse as an emcee, she was addressing the invitees as if we are all retarded and could not understand her english properly. Sebutir-sebutir.

Now….I…would…like…. blergh!

Some people are too full of themselves. I met one that night.

alahai budak

Mereka2 yang telah atau sedang menetap di Dewan Malaysia Sydney
meja 29

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