What we did yesterday?

hehe..we went to klcc just to take these few snaps…then we’re off.

And yeah this morning i wake up lazily,grudgingly, dragging my heavy head off the pillow. Run a quick shower, 20 minutes later all prepared to go to work just to found out

“Weh,harini cuti la..semalam hari wilayah kot. Dah siap ke ni? hahaha..”Kak Rohaya (my in law) said gleefully on the other end.

I was actually just finished putting on my socks when i made the usual morning phone call.

Interpreting my silence correctly, she adds,

“Suruh Kak Hani and Hani kecik gelakkan kuat2 yer..hahahaha”

Dalam mamai2 pon maseh bleh gelakkan aku lagi..cheyyy..Grr…sabo ajele..

“Oh ye, Isnin minggu depan pun cuti.Thaipusam.hehehe”


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