Random images..(not so random actually)

Just trying my luck, I’ve just submitted these three images for a chance to win some cash in case one of them being chosen to fill a segment in Tm monthly internal mags. So just want to show off a lil bit of my mediocre work.heh.

Sydney Opera House, NSW,Australia

This one taken by Sony H1, my first digital camera. The same day i purchase a tripod, a few days after i purchase Hisham( i named my camera). Kak Mitra and Kin were behind the scene. When i got my D80, i promised to take similar picture, this time using better camera. The day never came. haha.

Camperdown Memorial Clock Tower,Victoria, Australia

This one is taken while i’m on a moving car. We were on our way back from the Great Ocean Road roadtrip. I have no idea what is the name of this clock tower until a few days ago, found it at Wikipedia. heh. Kak Hani was driving,excellent driver ( 110km/h is considered as her usual minimum on highway) and Kak Lyle probably snoozing at the back seat.

Main Quadrangle, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia

This one taken on my second visit to UniSyd. If i remember correctly, i shot this with the polarizing filter i just bought the day before. hehe.

Aditional Images (sentimental value)

This is shutter release count no.10. First image in focus with Ahmad Dhani.If I’m not mistaken, i was strolling around Central station forcing myself to think up a good topic of an urban theme for my photography class. This class actually speed up my decision making process in buying or not buying my D80. haha.

This one taken the same day i got the parcel containing the latest edition to my equipment,the Nikkor 50mm f1.8. I instantly grew fond of this lense.


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