Quality of life

(Japaneese Garden, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden) Me, enjoying my headache which was wrongly attributed to lack of food.(5 December 2007)

Yesterday, one of the pain episode started again. Its been a week now of frequent headache and nausea.After 4 days of resting, still it didnt go away.

I had headache and nausea because i’m too tired is no longer applicable. Now, my biggest suspicion is that i got high blood pressure(hypertension) since both my parents have been diagnose with it. As i walked into the panel clinic i dread a lecture on how i should control my diet, my eating habits, and how i should stay away from some food. My weight now (the first time i would discuss about my weight problem) is not in the healthy zone. I’m obese.

Too bad la, gemok saper suroh.bila saket padan muka..hahaha

As much as i would like to remain unconcern of how much i weight but still be healthy, its high time that i should accept obesity leads to health problems.

I had always surprises the Australia Red Cross blood donation volunteers whenever they took my blood pressure back then while studying in UNSW. I’ve once had a healthy pressure of 120/70 even in my chubby condition back then. I went to Unigym and walk to school everyday. Despite my marginally obese weight zone, i’m healthy.

But headache is a thing that i’ve been having since forever,hehe and its getting worse. So i need to get a proper diagnosis from a certified doctor to be sure.

I’m not just on of those people who self diagnose themselves with info they have collected from the internet and surely and confidently classified their mistakes as attributed to ADD or whatever acronym now that medical condition be known for. Not that their mistakes is due to lack of care which bound to happen to anyone anyway. Some people are just too full of themselves. They must not have any defect which is caused by their own doing.

Let this defect be of those given by God, please..please..boohoo.

Melencong plak. OK continue with my story just now. As i went into the examination room, i made a promise to myself. I’ll try to change my eating habits. I will start to have that slow walk on weekends. yeah.

After comfortably be seated in the examination room, i was asked the routine question by the doctor.

“Apa boleh saya bantu/saket aper nih Cik Marlina?” she did a quick scan at my appearance.

“headache, dokter. And a nausea” ( tak tahu kenapa lidah aku tetiba nak speaking meaking plak smlm)

Angguk-angguk “Dah baper lama?” She asked while her hand started to prepare the manometer( i did a quick check just now for the equipment name.heh.here).

“Its been forever. Frequent episode started by the time i was sixteen i think,yeah, form 4” (well, to be honest, i’m not this fluent in front of her yesterday, I kinda muttered to myself abit while trying to remember..bila tulis blog bunyiknyer mcm bagos je kan..haha..)

“Parents ade darah tinggi?” She asked while gesturing that i hitch my left hand sleeve.

I gulped. alamak dokter pun raser aku ade hypertension ker?

“yup. both of them.Diagnosed a while ago” I brace myself as she started pumping the thing to measure my blood pressure.

My blood pressure yesterday was 130/80 which according to the doctor is quite stable. (prehypertension stage…according to Wikipedia,but this is not the cause of my headache)
By the look of her face i can tell she’s too, a little surprised by this. I don’t know if i’m imagining it but later she asked for more details on my pain, which might indicate

‘Well, there goes my theory of hypertension leads to this gurl headache‘ Or so i guess lar.

” Saket selalu bahagian mana?”

” Most of the time at particular part of my head. Sometimes at the back, others at the front, then at the sides. my eyeball will ‘throbbed accordingly’ la jugak. And yeah nausea.”

“So rasa nak muntah je la, tak muntah betul2?”

“The other day, almost. Siket je lagi.Thats why baru nak dtg jumper dokter” Sengih

She wrote something barely legible. I saw she wrote headache, saw nausea, after writing my bp earlier.

“I raser you ader migrain nih. I will give you pills for migrain. Then satu lagi ubat untuk kurangkan strain/tense kat kepala tuh.Ok”

“thenkhiuu dokter” I was very2 grateful at the mentioning of pills that will stop all this painful throbbing. raser nak salam cium tangan dokter tuh..

In the car, i took both pills. And yeah, even if yesterday we went to pick up my sista si Hani Shuhanti at Puduraya and went for a little groceries shopping afterwards at Midvalley, I’m positively howling, hyperactive and happy the whole day.

After arriving at my place yesterday at around 1030pm, i made pisang goreng and fried some fries and Ayamas for supper. I’m pain free. I gain more hours in a day than i’ve ever had lately. For a fact now, i have migrain and not hypertension.I have to drink less coffee, had less chocolate, stay indoor when its too sunny and probably started the health campaign i had promise myself. So yesterday, we drink tea instead of my black coffee.

(Masjid Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, Brunei Darussalam)Me at my healthiest state during last 3 years (30 Nov 2006)

(In front of Chancellery Building,UNSW,Australia) Me on the final days in Sydney(12 December 2007)

(Entrance MRSM Jasin now also known as MRSM Ghaffar Baba)Me recently (29 November 2009)


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