Fizan & Sheedah by Norhaniza

Due to technical thing, i was not able to shoot this couple’s Akad Nikah ceremony which was held inside the Masjid Negeri, Penang. So kak Hani took over. Realising that she loved to zooming in and out if i supplied her with the 18-135mm lense (which will caused soft, a little blurred images if held by unsteady hand in an indoor shoot) i made a quick decision to give her Ahmad Dhani with 50mm prime lense instead.

“Amek gambar akad nanti, go down, eye level dgn pengantin and Imam,ok?”

“Tengok le..kalo boleh..takleh janji..” Sengih

The results were impressive. Even better if i were to shoot it myself. A little credit to myself la jugak kan. I will kutuk tanpa kasihan if she ever to shoot any pic with ‘setepek‘ point of view. Some people who has gone out photohunting with me will know what i mean by this.I will without any reservation gelak guling2 at photos she took before we met, before i teach her one thing or two about taking pictures. Now, looking at those pics taken by her that day, my heart swell with pride.

“dah grad dah anak murid aku” terharu beb..

“tadi amek ikut eye level tak?” I asked her as soon as she gets out as the ceremony ends

“tak” she replied. After getting the look tadi-i-kater-caner? from me

“entah, amek ikut sedap hati jer. kan hampa kater kene amek gambar dengan hati” She add with a guilty face.

She took the Akad pics as i requested anyway, but without realising so. Instinct katanya..

Dinikahkan oleh bapa pengantin perempuan

membacakan taklik

ditangkap ketika sedang menskodeng suaminya..

Thats the Akad Nikah, later, i will update on the Reception held at Setia Pearl Island Resort.

Oh before i forgot, hehe..Many thanks to Romantis-Studio ( official photographer) for lending me the battery charger. Owe you so much bro.


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