with real life..

Yesterday i went back form work with a nausea and a pounding head . I can’t even wait for parking, get out of the car and walk slowly towards where Kak Hani go back and forth easing the Gen2 into the parking space. This is what happens when you mess with your sleeping time.

Last Monday was the 1st Muharam on which i spend sleeping through the cool breezy afternoon. So i couldn’t sleep properly that night. Usually i will cook for dinner but that cannot be happening since my ultimate goal that evening was a quick shower and my ever so welcoming bed . We even cancel our plan to have roti canai at the mamak shop.

“Give me one or 2 hours sleep, then we’ll see, ok?”
I fell asleep as soon as i lay down on my bed.

She cooked maggi goreng and fried some Ayamas for me.

Later, my sister whose staying at my brother’ place down at level 7 come up to my unit to exchange ‘her’ luggage with my slightly bigger one. Both are mine anyway. But the smaller one will match my green old backpack nicely.

1130 or so we went to sent her downstairs, all three of us, chickens. At my brothers, we were being greeted by Dhani. Watched him play, asked him to repeat the words he has learn, tried to steal his firetruck which sents him running

“bak..bak..bak..” almost crying.With his small hand outstreched, he gesture for his favourite toy back.

He almost can call me properly now.. ‘mak n(g)yah’ which is better than previously straight ‘mak mah’

And if you say

“i miss you”

If he’s in the mood,he will reply

“miss you too”

Hehe..so comeyyyy


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