Its so mind boggling when there’s 3 SMART TAG lane at the Sungai Besi Exit and there’s only 2 Touch N’ Go lane, where one of it is with the ‘tambah nilai’ feature. Yesterday was not even Raya but from Bangi to Sungai Besi took almost an hour. There’s no accident what so ever. To be honest, we are actually started queuing to Touch N’ Go even before the UPM exit. Hangen ke tak

“Number of Touch N’Go lanes must be more than those for Smart Tag “

Due to following reasons:

1.Number of Touch N’ Go user far exceed Smart Tag user.

2.If you have a SmartTag device you would not have to stop,place your card,wait for the beep and the gate open. You just have to slowed down , less than 4okm/h,and hold up your device a bit just to make sure and you’re off. There are less chance for a queue to form at the SmartTag lane

3. A simple rule by Sammy Velu (Minister for Transportation at that time) reads that a minimum of 2 TnG and 1 Smart Tag lane must be present at toll plazas(Mind you even Sammy Velu makes a lot of sense than those people who decide to put 3 lanes of Smart Tag and 2 lane for TnG at Sungai Besi Exit. Seriously???!!!! Sungai Besi Exit kot!!!!!!!!

4. Smart Tag cost RM 100 and not inclusive of TnG card. Some people who earns minimum, barely surviving,eating-out-once-a month salary would find it very unworthy to spend a weeks worth of food for the device alone.

Should i be punished for not having enough money to buy the SmartTag device, so i would be forever doomed queuing for the Sungai Besi exit starting UPM exit each and everytime i want to go back to KL after balek kampung at Felda Palong 6,Gemas Negeri Sembilan.

And yeah, for those who still pay cash..Seriously????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But i understand you guys, even i wonder why the heck i use TnG when i saw 5-6 lanes are for cash+ lane for “lorong tunai berlapis”

“Ader TnG pon kene beratur samer panjang je dgn org yg bayar cash..”

X paham aku apesal la saper2 yg buat keputusan untuk mentiga kan Smart Tag lane dan menduakan TnG kat Sungai besi Exit. Why so bodoh?


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