Sprite now on special order only

I am a Sprite junkie. I will make a concoction of half Sprite and half plain water whenever i feel like drinking it. One odd thing though, i find it very hard to get a bottle of Sprite and its getting pretty scary. 2-3 times,I went to Carrefour Midvalley,there are none.

“Takde lah Kakak” Says teh Cashier at Kedai-Runcit-India-kat-blokA

My local mini market would only supply when I personally asked for it. There are none on the racks. Each and every time, someone has to get it from the store at the back after

“Brother, Sprite ade tak?”
“Wait aar..I’ll look at the back”

The other day i was wondering aloud about my frustration,

“haih,ade toyol ke yg suke minum Sprite jugak ni..ke dah jadik haram sekarang ni”

Then yesterday, Kak hani join

“pegi check internet,kot2 Sprite nih sekang telah diharamkan..hahaha” While we are waiting for the ‘brother’ to get me 2 bottles of Sprite from the back.

Too high of demand , makes it very tiring to keep filling the racks every day or so?
Sprite has become illegal now that shopkeepers are getting secretive in selling it out in the open?

Anyone knows anything about this?


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