i love working..am i crazy?

haha…so here i am.its been 2 weeks now,i’ve been posted to my so-called permanent placement..i have a desk of my own..my own workspace..my own temporary out of date revolting acer office laptop.huh..hehe..i was given a dell latitude the other day but there’s keypad problem with that…so they gave me another laptop..this acer which operate with window 2000 and also office 2000 is now safely locked in the drawer at the right side of my desk..never to see any daylight form now on…huhu..well pardon my kebongkakan..i’m abit fussy about my electronical
gadget such as laptop,camera and phone..biar habes duit kat situ i don
mind..so i’m back with carrying my own laptop everyday in my backpack..my 3 year old Hitoshi..which run on original genuine windows XP and genuine Office2007 equiped by up to date virus protection,some pc care utilities,Nokia Pc Suite and Hoyle card Games..’he’ never crashed unexpectedly in his entire life with me..i have not reformatted it for any reason..i still can update my operating system every now and then..and with this i have pledge myself to only use genuine software untill the day i die..hehe..except for games..ok kan?..hahaha

i’ll be getting a new desktop by next week.a Dell la kot..coz everyone dapat Dell..huhu..takpe2..yg nih baru..so i hope it runs on XP and not Vista..Vista such a pain in the ass,kejap2 tanya..program nih bla bla..allow?..huhu tension akak..tu baru je beberapa minit guna laptop kawan..kalo kene yg office punyer yg aku kene gunakan hari2 maunyer aku humbankan ke sungai dari Annex 1 tuh..

hehe..melalut plak pasal laptop..erm..ok..back to the topic..i love working..

my first day at product development and management,TM Wholesale.
i was greeted by th GM herself..seriously? yeah seriously..but no red carpet la..she was there as in she was there jer..hehe..when i mean greeted it is something worth mentioning..
"so here you are, our new economist,we need somebody like you with that background..i was looking at the MTP list this year,and there i found you..so i called to book you..u’re doing bachelor of economics..we sure need some insight from that perspective…bla..bla..bla…"

banyak lagi la dier ckp..which make me blush and stuttering…"i’m not an economist..well at least not yet..huhu..but i am sure i will.." i end the sentence with some confidence..hehe..

The AGM i was supposed to see tader la plak..tgh meeting..then she hands me over to one of the managers..in VoIP unit…she(my boss) gave me a dummies series about VoIP to get the back ground of what VoIP is all about..so thats what i do with half a day..and of course i have my laptop on dgn YM and Gmail…hehe..browsing..

After lunch..jumpa ngan AGM..and after some short discussion i was ‘given’ to my boss now.i called her boss just for simplicity coz her name is quite long..one syllable ‘boss’ is more practical..then she came to my desk..yeah she did come and bukan dok panggil i come to her place(*she still does that untill now..comel kan..)..she come to my desk and started to brief me on our unit…Interconnect…ape kebende la interconnect tuh..hehe..and yeah..my boss teach me how to connect to YM using office LAN..a matter of tukar setting je..and send me an IM after that
" testing..testing…"..oh i love my boss…comel giler…ahahaha..

so now i love working..oh ye..lemme tell you one incidence the other day.

false imprisonment
i stayed up late(past 7pm) at my office..doing my work becouse dah chatting like the whole day..so guilty and nak ganti balek la..so buat keje punyer wat keje..perut dah lapar..baru tersedar..no one is around…its a friday..and sumer org balek awal on friday..huhu..so aku lepak je la..kemas beg sumer..and everythings change biler sampai kat pintu utama..i was locked..actually i doesnt matter if i have a my own passcard..but i havent..so i was stuck in there..wanting too much nak pi toilet..bayangkan..naseb baik la tak panik..i tour around my office..carik kot2 ader org lain..huhu..tader..kosong..huhu..
then i called my boss..
‘hang pi buat ape balek lewat..xpa2..sat saya kol org sat"
then dipendekkan citer..datang la maintainance guy..bukakkan pintu..aku pun terus berlari ke toilet tanpa segan silu..lama oi..

so balek haritu naik teksi je..

sampai kat umah..i told my k.ipar about my little adventure..
then she candidly say..
"kat annex 1 ade hantu..suke bediri je kat toilet.."
and aku serta merta "ba**…seyes?seb baik tak jumpa..alah..kalo dier ade kat toilet tadi tak pasan kot..ade business mustahak..ahahaha"

maka begitulah ceritanya..my first 2 week kat tempat keje..and sekang nih derang maseh belum issue punch card lagi ..i want to not remind them about that..hahaha…biar derang figure out sendiri..kikiki..setiap hari pun masuk office sama lift ngan AGMs or GM..seyesly..ahaha..lambat..balek pun lambat..saing2 derang gak…ahhaha..kelas tak..ader aura ke-GM-an..ahaha..

mari kerja..hahai!


2 thoughts on “i love working..am i crazy?”

  1. Komen daku utk entry ko
    1) Chatting… for sure ngan si singa laut tuh..
    2) Rajin pun biar ar berpada2.. nih smpi x leh kuar … agak sukar aaar..
    3) Aku leh bayang muke ko yg nk sangat2 ko toilet hahaha..
    4) Selamat Masuk ke Alam Pekerjaan!!


  2. komen aku untuk komen ko
    1)chatting – mane ko tau?kot dgn boipren aku ke?
    2)bukan rajin pun..ahaha..tu maseh sambung chat sejam tuh
    3)apsal ko sebok nak bayang..flying kick karang..
    adios gak
    p/s: aku baru berkesempata balas komen ko…ahaha..aku kan pekerja contoh

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