Langkah2 Kemanusiaan

hehe..tajuk mcm aper jek ekk..
tapi itulah..setelah disuroh,dipujuk,dipaksa,dibebel setiap hari supaya melakukan sesuatu untuk tujuan kemanusiaan nih..akhirnya Marlina Ketegaq ini pon menulis entry ini untuk seorang yg pernah(mark this..yg pernah) disayangi sepenuh hati..hehe..

I hav no exact or certain idea of your situation..but i have an instinct(together with 2 other ppl)that you havent move on..I couldnt care less,to be honest..coz,that strong feelings i once have for you have long gone…and i am seriously thankful for it..coz we both know its not going anywhere..hope you can move on too,like i have now..

someone close advise me to do something to help you to let it go…sbg seorang manusia yg cuba menjadi baik nih..i hope this is the first step towards a better me..

i am happy now..hope you can find some of your own..

p/s:kalo entry nih mcm nothing to do with what you felt now..saye lebeh lega..good luck..


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