I am Muslim by Dina Zaman..and The Coffeehouse…

Smile from strangers..pen-twirling enthusiast

i dun know whether im that bad in remembering faces..or life has
started to revealed what more it can offer to me apart form all those
bende2 yg tak best..haha..ader 2-3 org yg tidak dikenali senyum kat aku semalam and
almost uttered the word "hi!"..haha..memang lawak…aku bebrapa kali check zip seluar..kot2 la aku terlupa nak zip bebetul ker…check muka kat cermin kot2 ader calit2 hitam yg lawak ker..check tudung …sumer ok jer…i didnt even have Ahmad Dhani with me…(my camera usually attract alot of attention)

then one of my groupmates dgn begitu semangatnyer berminat sgt tgk aku twirl the pen with my fingers…alah yg pen pusing2 kat jari tuh..aku cam..aik…dak neh..terlebeh suker plak tgk aku buat..padehal bukan paper pon..huhu..tapi series..dah ler tu budak laki yg agak encem la..haha..

aku pon pelik
sendiri..haihhhhh…mcm ni la selalu..mcm nih la..biler aku dah nak
lari jauh2…dunia kejar aku balek..when i see there’s nothing to life
except misery(becouse misery presumably makes you a better
person)…nnt ader la bender2 yg tak disangka-sangka akan happen yg
bring back all those wonderful things …aku pon tak tau whether
aku terima pelawaan hidup sekali lagi..hhehe…so i reserve my judgement…and aku teruskan terhempap-hempap(jln dgn malas2) balek umah petang tuh..

I am Muslim

Few weeks earlier i recieved a book from my lil sis,Manar.She’s been talking about it for while of how interesting the book for me to read..but i just put in there on my table along with all the dvds i own..i didnt dare to read it..i didnt know how it would mnake me feel with all the tension and conflict going on in my mind..


Last night,i decide to give it a chance..i read it..

The title and humble cover is kinda an understatement of whats hiding inside those pages…

Its a book of compilation of article written by Dina Zaman..she’s a collumnist at NST..exploring the meaning and challenges of being a muslim in Modern Malaysia..
Dont get me wrong..this book is nothing like "Kenapa saya menganut agama Islam" karangan Fathi Yakan..totally different..and i love it!

I don feel so alone anymore..there’re real ppl out there(can’t imagine the exact face,yet it felt real),sharing the same problem..thinking along the same line..hoping and get frustrated over the same issue…i’m not alone..i got comrades..not that i want to say my other friends count little towards my life…but..it is such a comfort..i’m not alone..this fight isnt mine alone..i felt better..mark of how good it felt..i get up this morning not thinking,not calculating ,not debating anymore…of how i should i live today..just live and let live..heee..

My silent prayer

i made my first silent prayer before i go to sleep last night after a while..i just didnt  realised i was doing it till i finished it..one honest prayer dgn penuh harap..yeah..call me anything..its been a while i did that..the hopes are returning,i can almost feel it colors my smiles.

The coffehouse

Yahoo! radio station..hehe..i’m listening to it now -the Coffehouse..lagu dier  releks2 sajer..best untuk buat2 keje…and entah..mcm raser lebeh ringan kepala…nowadays i spend lots of time in Uni..in komp lab specifically..searching for info for assignments..seriously?..haha..yep..i start studying..i even try to do the tutorial questions yesterday..haiyoh…haha..

ehh…dah ler tulis2 kat sini..hehe..kene carik maklumat neh..papai..untill next time..
tentang soklan..
adekah aku akan terima semula pelawaan hidup?..hehe..lek lek dulu la yer…nnt2 la jawab…haha


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