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Kak Laili cayang mucukk..

for you.

Pemergian seorang lagi tempat was brief,our encounter,really..but i do enjoy being around you could forget all the pressing problems looming around in your life..just for a while,when she cracked those unexpected jokes about something…hehe..she was an easy going person and i don’t think my road trips this year will be that enjoyable without her..hehe..she makes me look good(better) on camera,really..i look positively slimmer and taller,just becouse of the relative effect of our size..hehe..who wouldn’t want a friend like that ehh..kikiki..when i confide in her with something i think would make everyone eyes bulge and gasp in horror(well she did)..but she did it at perfect moments where i dont felt at all offended..(same goes to evryone i know,who knows about me)..

Kak Laili(kak Lyle as they all like to spell ur nickname)
I do hope i can get back home just in time to shoot your wedding..for free..hehe..but you have to personally made that raspberry jam sandwich for me..hehe..

Semoga jumpa lagi


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