PainKillers anyone?

Painkillers by principal doesn’t kill the pain,it just hold the pain
hostage..when painkillers loses it strength,the pain will set lose and
ravage everything in its path,deadlier than ever…

Reign Over Me..I watched it just now..this movie..walopun jln ceriternyer tak samer dgn aper yg aku alami..tapi entah..aku..hmmm…

and i’m not sure its a good thing or not,that somehow…the pain come flooding back..Like a broken dam..

now,i can answer those question i’ve come to ask myself before.

"i’m not ok,all i did was numbing the pain."

Can a broken vase be repaired to hold the water for the flowers again…

I’m a broken vase,how do i repair myself.

Can this be mend?Can i be cured?

i don’t know how much longer i can stand this,how many times more do i have to go through this..i hope life just let me go..



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