If you don know me by now..

1.What do you think of the most when
you are alone?
– I would think about my current problems,weighing the cost and benefit of my next decisions..ataupun.."hari ni ader buat jahat tak?"(uuuuuu…kedengaran sgtla baik sayer ini…hehe,but all i do is think and think,i never trust my judgement,i trust my heart)

2. When it is a rainy night, what do
you do most of the time?
– tgk movie while baring atas katil empuk and berbungkus dlm slimut..and do things in the rain that ppl wouldn’t notice because of the rain

3. When was the last time you give
roses to and for who?
– to Kak Qayya tapi kongsi ngan Maznah la tapi…hehe..sbb graduation..

4. What do you do when you see a full
– "amek gambar dier..ngahahaha"

5. Would you rather swim in the lake
or dive in the ocean?
– doesn’t matter

6. What would be the best partner of a
good cup of coffee?
– a good company..and biskut cap ping pong..bleh borak2..bleh cicah..ngehngehngeh..

7. If you were to ask yourself a
question now, what would it be?
– aper ekk?

8. If certain things in your life
fall apart, what will you do?
– i’ll get depressed..huhu..ngehehehe…coz usually yg fall apart tu myself..haha..kalo bender lain nak fall apart..i gam dier balek..gam dier pakai gam gajah..i got other ppl to fix me..heh..

9. What was the hardest decision you
made in your life so far?
– there is never a hard decision,the hard part comes later..the courage and perseverance you need to stick to it….sound smart huh!..i make decisions in my life since i can talk,my parent realized i’m too stubborn to listen to them so they let me..every decision about something you care about is hard..and the hardest involve the one you care about the most…another smart things said here..My God,i’m smart..The decision that has been made is never the hardest,the next one will..so ask me when i have died,i’ll tell you the last decision i made..the hardest decision so far ehh…hmm..i don’t think it is worth mentioning anymore,coz as i look back now..its not that hard to choose eternal happiness than a fickle human emotion…

10. When your friends forget you, what
will you do?
– my best friends never forget me..hehe..coz i sort of call and check on them paling kurang once a week..ngahahaha..yang biaser2 pun,kalo derang luper pun,sooner or later derang mesti ingat punyer..i’m such an unforgettable experience…siryes,tak cayer ask them..nad a friend who forget me..hmmm i couldnt be bother by them,coz they couldnt be bother about remembering me..hehe..i’m such a smart ass.

11. Do you talk to yourself?
– always,i am talking to myself,answering this survey..

12. Is there anything that you are
craving for right now?
– nothing kot…oh yeah,kalo craving nak cepuk2 budak yg degil,tak paham situasi pastu degil jugak..bleh tak craving yg tu…

13. Single or taken?
– taken..ngeh..senang citer..

14.Ever cried for something stupid?
– no

15. Do you like anime?
– naruto jer

16. How about Japanese music?
– lagu2 dari sountrack citer jepun yg aku tgk or naruto..mostly from naruto la..

17. What music are you into, anyway?
– Keane-Lifehouse-and sedikit oldies

18. Do you have a malicious mind?
– yep

19. First thing you do after watching
a movie.
– mengeliat..(haha..baru perasan biler jawab survey nih)

20. Do you wash the dishes in your
– yep..fine..after failing to bully my younger sisters to do it…happy now..

21. Can you last two days without a
– tak mungkin..hahaha..sejuk cemaner pon mesti mandi…tak tau kenapa..

22. Most common words in your
– kalo masa kat Jasin..’poyo’ la kot..

23. The last lie you told your parents?
– "i’m ok,siryes,tak cayer amek la kapak belah la dada.."

26. Are you brand conscious?
– kasut shj..

27. Ever felt in-love?
– yep..why with the past tense..i’m in love now..

28. Who do you miss right now?
– shiro..

29. Watched any good movies lately?
– yes

30. Is it in you to kill someone?
– no,i guess..tapi kemahuan tuh still membara..

31. Daydream a lot?
– nope

32. Happy with your life?
– so-so

33. You’d rather lose your mobile
– no…no…i rather not lose anything…


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