I am Me

If i can do this perfectly without any flaw whatsoever,this test was never meant for me.
I am Me.I make mistakes.

When it really matters,i will never lie.
I am Me.I need to be true to myself

When i need to apologize i will say i’m sorry
I am Me.I let go of things when i apologize

When i fell in love,it will be with all my heart.i didn’t hold back.I will not be afraid.
I am Me.I am that helpless when it comes to love.

When i say "saya sayang kamu"(the whole sentence,not just sayang..or whatever) i will be bound by that personally.And i will act the most appropriate thing i can think of untuk menunaikan hak keatas kata-kata saya.
I am Me.I live by my rules.

I am Me.You can never change who I am without me being in control of the change.I am Me.Yes,i will change for you,but it is my decision.Mine.I am Me.I am stubborn.

But sometimes,i am weak,i will cry alot and whine.I am Me.

When things get so out of hand and i was being pushed so hard till i can’t take it any longer and start to be heartless.It start to hurt  me so much.I am losing myself.Coz i am me.Who i am without my whole heart in doing something?I am Me.I wear my heart proudly.I am Me.

I realized it just now.I am Me.Marlina do things with her whole heart.I am Me.


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