Irony of life

When i was younger,i thought to love someone really much can be done by being there for them through thick and thin.Share the laughs and the tears.Look into their eyes when words are useless to say what you want to tell.Hold them close so both your hearts,beat on the same rhythm.Sit quietly alone together,just let the moment past by,enjoying every second of it.It was so easy loving someone like that.It is easy to smile and just let them let loose their anger to you even without no good’s easier to handle the nasty temper they have.It is easier.Coz it comes naturally..

The hardest part of loving someone is when you can’t love them,the way you wanted to.The hardest part is,to let go.

(Sambungan…sbb entry tergantung nih boleh buat salah paham)


When you have let go of anybody,you can put back their pics or things they previously gave you in any visible places,without any sad feeling or constant questioning of why can’t they let you in.Why can they give you what you want form them.

You just accept things as they are.

"So i can’t be the number one in my number one’s life,so what.I still have my number one."

"So i can’t give anything back to the one giving me the most,so what.I just have to enjoy what i get and be thankful for it."

"So i can’t be with the one i love,so what.Those who loves me always there for me.I just have to believe,I’ll get better one if i let go of the one i can’t be with and it is for good reason."


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