“be careful.Plzz..”

Another day, another thing,
Just now,my feet decide to ‘eat’ the maggi mee i just bring out of the microwave.it sting.my quilt and its cover has been sent straight to the laundry machine downstairs.my room smell so much of megi kari..haha..

tetiba teringat the day i fell down,when decide to lari naik atas escalator yg turun ke bawah kat randwick plaza..masa tuh,my knee caps raser cam terburai kat situ,dgn malunyer..haha..pedihnyer..huhuhu..

then someone says "be careful"..walopun tgh menahan pedih tuh..rasa cam ilang sket saket..haha..it doesn’t really matter la pedih2,malu  sbb look like a fool..when there’s  actually someone doesn’t care about anything about you except your well being..
eventhough i know its a polite thing to say without any other meaning attached to it..somehow,i felt,evrything is fine and i felt loved..haha..yes,i’m still a kid who can’t help smiling when someone sent a msg or say something like this

"be careful.please.."
"marlina,budak baikkk kan?"

so tadi biler tgh saket tuh,i imagine getting the smss repeatedly reminding me to be carefull..heee..kurang sket rasa pedih..

"kind words can warms up a winter’s chill"
chineese proverb.


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