When you lost your sight,you see things with your heart..



Lots of things happen menjelang ramadhan..
today kat Mesian Hall sydney i lost my spec or lose hold of it..Insya Allah kalo i maseh ader rezeki menggunakannya ader la tuh…dah la seblah mata merah dan saket sbb mengadap komputer berejam menyiapkan assignment sambil bertenet..spec pulak dah hilang..mujur ader spare…..tapi yg lama nih dah bercalar-calar dan not tinted to help me cope with the blinding sun..huhu..so kener bersiap sedia gak untuk saket kepala after this…

agak sedey dgn kehilangannya..i hope whoever know the whereabout or the fate of my spec please tell me…dah lah kalo nak buat spec yg mempunyai ciri2 yg sama kat sinih boleh mencapai harga $300 dollar lebeh..thats kalo convert lebeh kurang RM 900…ahhh..my carelessness..

but with this incident, rasa pergantungan dgn Tuhan tu lagi kuat..manusia dan kawan2 hanya dpt tlg as much..nothing more they can do…but thanks for all the effort you guys have put in helping me trying to find it..thanks guys..really apprecite it….

but bender yg paling menyentuh hati is,while i was sitting helplessly near the stairs waiting for any news from downstair …a pakistani woman comes up to meet her Malaysian friend..
 with the first genuine concern i heard that night (i can’t see her face clearly and can’t make up whats her facial expression) she asked me
“what happen to your eyes?”
“hehe..maybe ive studied too much.been doing my assignment” i replied
noticing that im squinting at her
“tired are you?you look so sleepy” she said with equal kindness
this time one of the kids thats been playing near me answer it for me
“she just lost her spec”
and tak disangka the woman sound genuinely shock and tak semena-mena dier plak yg kalut2 supaya aku teruskan mencari,buat pengumuman dan sebagainya…and dier hampir saja turun ke bawah semula untuk memaklumkan kepada pihak yg boleh membuat pengumuman kalo tak kerana aku menghalang…

hati yg gelisah terus2 terasa sejuk…Subhanallah..what a comfort this strangers has offered me at that very moment…

kejadian tuh buatkan aku sendiri malu…malu kerana kalo aku berada dipihak dier,aku akan tanya2 beberpa soalan dan mengakhiri perbulan dgn…”bersabar je lah yer,ader hikamh disebaliknya” without doing any significant effort in trying to help her…aiii malunyer…i know ive always reluctant to start conversation with strangers…ive always stays in my comfort zone with little disregard to unknown person within the proximity…me with my small heart..huhu..

Inilah hikmahnya this things happen to me tonite..i’d say it is worth more than my spec…

aku nak tinggalkan my unconcious motto nih…
“i’ve ACT all i can do..unless its about ME or something that can be beneficial to ME..there’s nothing more i can do for you..im so sorry..”…aku betul2 nak tinggalkan nih..

Terima kasih atas didikanmu hari ini Ya Allah…

p/s When you lost your sight,you see things with your heart..and you can’t be fool with the fake smile those ppl are wearing to elude you into the false sense of security..yes ive lost my spec..im half blind..but tonite i see more than ever..i see myself..i see other ppl..much more clearly…


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