think and react….

think and react…
only recently have i notice that the above is my mantra in life…thinking in general is consider good..but when you spend your time speculating on uncertains and things that goes beyond your control,which is one way of thinking,you think…in fact it is not thinking at all…
i must say i think alot about things but i didn’t do things thats come out of my thinking…i use my am i thinking all the time,i think to myself..hehe…confuse?then just ignore it..
my problem is i think too much about my problem…thinking about problem is my problem..hahaha..just ignore me doing that thing again..thinking what you will be thinking of me writing all this crap..but i think you will stop thinking about me,after i mention that im thinking of what you’will think about me…thinking…thinking…
haha…to act without thinking also is not good…too much thinking but not acting the thinking output is worse…you come up with great solution to the problem you have,but you didn’t have the courage to do it..or you’re too proud to do it…or you just start thinking again…thinking and thinking…

or i should say,what i have been doing is actually..thinking but signifies the lost of  flow of argument…which to describe…i didn’t do what my head says,eventhough i used it to think..such as waste..

bawah nih doa yg mengusik sikt hatiku..

“Wa la takkilna ila anfusina torfata ainiwwala akolla min zalika ya nikmal mujib”


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