Simon Birch

few weeks ago,i finished downloading this movie…been looking all over cd/dvd/video shop i laid my eyes on for this movie…im willing to pay i think even up to 50 dollar, ,if there is an original copy of it,but my search goes unfruitful… during the winter holidays when im browsing the internet looking for torrent site for movies,simon birch suddenly crossed my mind..

i first watch this movie long ago,i can’t remember..but i still can remember the important part of really touch me…i cried so hard for the first time without being able to pretend i wasn’t..hehe its normal to hide the fact that we are crying when watching movies with family members..but this one,i dun even care..and i crid so hard,i got serious headache and ‘demam’ the next day…maybe tersentuh dgn seriusnya oleh cerita tuh…it kinda saved me from myself that time..and it did it again this time…

Have faith..


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