Entry for July 31, 2006

One by one as I look back at my memories

I thought I knew everything

But I was a fool

Faded words

Were left right at my side

Nights without answer

A small piece of warmth

Longing from afar

We just keep repeating this cycle

That’s why I am alive

Whatever can be measured in these hands

Droplets of time

Softly grasp them

Forgotten memories

Lost words

These thought are…

yang kat atas nih lagu feveret aku dari siri Naruto.tuh diernyer translation.aku rasa tema criter nih adalah..usaha tangga kejayaan…and the real success is how you getup again after being defeated by life..ader gak tema kasih sayang dan persahabatan..dan jugak tema believe in yourself and others..tema that sometimes ppl just can’t fight loneliness and the need to be needed..tema yg paling aku suka sekali ialah..tema when its time to choose,we will be facing a choice between what is right and what is easy…hmmm..ker aku jer yg mereka-reka citer nih..hehe..so for Naruto fan out there…sila beri tunjuk ajar…


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