Siti kawen ngan datuk K(noktah)

hehehe…thanks to one of my friend yg hantar email ttg pengumuman siti and bakal suami di Wanita Hari ini TV3(kalo tak silap)..he’s a 47 years old but look young and really cute..dlm gambar la..tak tau la kot kalo real life dah tak sehensem mana..hehe..but without the uban though.kalo ader uban sikit2 lagi la comel..hehe..i say comel doesn’t mean that i’ll search for a cute old guy with some uban to be my husband,ok.i wish to grow old together with whoever my husband is .I have no interest in bringing up our children alone when he suddenly died of a heart attack or anything of that sort.hehe..why should i tell you all this?nevermind.
siti kawen…hmmm or should i just put the link here


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