Mens r from ..bla..bla..

ritu try la bacer buku nih…Men r from mars and Women from venus..
maybe sbb dah pernah baca buku yg dekat2 sama…Why women can’t read map…lebeh kurang a ianya berkisar ttg bender2 yg sama…perangai2 dominant lelaki..dan perangai dominant perempuan…pastuh ader personality test…where i scored a masculine personality…i chuck aside that book right away..kidding!Image..terpaksa la terima..maybe the highest mark goes to the answer of which i can’t seem to find things that im looking for in the refrigerator…or the fact that when i got sick,i wil be really sick and will have very low pain resistant..and really mengada..ehehe..anyway..thats not the point of what i really wanna write today…

Somewhere in the MAFMWAFV…there’s a little story about how the author realized he is a fair weather friend to his wife..and it really struck me when i realized Ive been a FairWeatheredFriend too without realising it…its like I am an ignorant Fair weathered friend…since i already know that i am..we shall drop the ‘ignorant’ part from that,shall we?

I will be kind and loving and caring when the other person has done the same too..if they haven’t, i will reserve myself from doing so…for example when my  good friends were  so stressed out with their study and didn’t treat me nicely,i will go away,stop calling or even stop talking to them for a period of time untill they resume their best shape..” i don’t deserve the unfairness,its not my fault they’re unhappy but don’t put it on me!” i would rationalized..or if shiro start ignoring me when i called his name or started  meowing every minutes or so(completely hypothetical),i will not be as fond of him as i have been..

oh how i have been a fair wheather friend…

i want to sincerely appologized to all my family and friends for not loving them unconditionally.. i will try fromm now on to improve on that.i promise.hehe.bear with me for now.hehe.


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