Entry for July 09, 2006

The following is an article i found in my unversity weekly mag last year.Enjoy.

Ancient Echo

By Rebecca Siddiqui

I read the myth of Echo and Narcissus and found it not difficult at all to relate to Echo. Echo was a nymph who was cursed to never have the first word-all she was able to is repeat whatever was said to her. She fell in love with Narcissus but could not speak first to him. When he finally spoke to her, he shunned her, and as a punishment, he was made to understand how Echo felt by being shunned by a goddess.

One day Narcissus caught sight of his reflection in a lake and fell in love with his image. He could not have himself of course, so he was doomed to love someone who was unattainable.

When you put effort into a person and strive for some form of reciprocation, in anticipation that one day, just maybe something will eventuate, it’s almost like you’re only an echo of what that person may want. You’re not actually your own voice, you made yourself an echo of the person you have been falling over just so they might reciprocate your feelings.

It can apply to a relationship with a family member, friend, boyfriend or girlfriend. You might be able to tolerate many of their shortcomings-even with a friend-just to be able to continue friendship and to avoid conflict. But there are times when their shortcomings start to kill you, and they might ruin your night, mood, or plan.

This is yet another time where you feel as tough you’re not being respected and treated as a person. You’re constantly endeavoring to please that person so that you can keep the good relationship you think you have. If you have to keep trying not to irritate the lion, the easily irritated lion, you’re walking on eggshells and then you may wonder; is the relationship as good as I deem it to be? After all, Echo did not seem to realize that her pleading and constant craving of Narcissus did not make him treat her as she deserved to be treated-he did not want any contact with her.

Sometimes you might be in so deep that you inevitably obsess and overanalyze situations and incidents that occur between you and that person; before you know it you’re given a painful slap across the head. You realize that you have been in this alone all the times, always. You have been a tool, an echo of a perpetual yes. That person didn’t want what you did. They didn’t want the closeness you craved. Or maybe they just didn’t want to be close to you. Sometimes that person does seem close to you, but the record will show that you give too much and it is not returned. I supposed it’s clear that I had an epiphany not long ago on this. I have learned that certain people are incapable of giving another person the love and closeness they need, as they only truly love one person: themselves. Just like Narcissus.


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