Im suck at accepting parting and goodbyes

There is sudden sadness flowing into my heart when i realized,there would be no more sound of the door bell i can answer or the smile that greet me when i open the door to let her in.Kak  Qayya is going back to Malaysia this winter.Going back for good.The last of my dearest here in Sydney is going to leave me.

No more peanut butter toast for me if i am to freak out next time.No more fish soup if I started to feel not so good.No more of that happy tears and appreciation of eating hot food.No more of that papaya smell from her body butter.No more of that ‘cubitan kuku kambing’ that would uncover the secret of your skin ability to change few shade of colors before it turns to the normal complexion again.

With her i learn to accept other people as they are.Maximise to look for the bests in ppl and minimise the bads. Most of all,she accepts my bads and the way she handle me sometimes make me somehow more grown up than before.

I learn about love too.The purest love of all,is when your loved ones hurt you so bad and that your very heart is literally aching,don’t sunk into the sea of tears, sadness and despair.Instead,wipe away those tears,stand up tall,face the world,live your life,be happy and enjoy everyday. So that your loved ones wouldn’t feel unhappy and guilty about what they have done to you.Don’t be sad,if you could not be the one that makes them happy,let them go if  they are happier without you.Pray for their happiness in this world and hereafter.That’s love.

To Kak Qayya,thanks for the wonderfull 1 and a half years we lived together.I will remember you.

p.s i tried to put an audio of the song I will remember you from but failed.heh.but if the readers would like to listen to it, click here


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