im so need to prepare for suplementary exam if im lucky!

edisi tension selepas exam..
i dun know whether what i merepek over here will still be applicable later this morning when i wake up,after all the caffein or adrenalin that flows through my vein right now lost its effect..

 ..yeah me and my new perangai of freaking out during exam times…

the two exams i had today is totally a mess…jumble of mess…im thankful for my mere a-level law education in answering half of the law paper today…thanks Mrs.Ong…the crime and morality answer was really thanks to you..

and who would guess that intentional tort would come out as a 20 marks question??????
and i havent read anything about since the lecture in week whatever(cant remember)….

i would puasa 3 hari berturut if i even pass conceeded this law paper..huhu….


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