PiNk roCKS!

aku mula tgk video clip nih masa beratur untuk amik id card yg baru…memang lawak gler..i thank most profusely to whoever wrote this song and to gak pink sbb nyanyi lagu nih… tak semestinya nak jadik feminine kene jadik bongok cam org2 dlm video tuh…tak semestinya ganas perangai cam tomboy tuh da best…yg penting takyah nak ikut2 org…be yourself… jasad kita nih hanya bekas jer….yg dlm tuh yg penting… if ppl think im more masculine than i am feminine,and they dun like it… well too bad.. im ok jer as long as they dun show it..its a matter of individual opinion,but when that individual opinion goes public…i got somehing else to say.. “not man enuf to handle me,ya lil sweety” kuikuikui..

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