i choose not to…

continue feeling miserable…
hehe..biler aku baca2 balik entry2 aku sejak kebelakangan nih.. bunyiknyer cam org putus chenta jer..kuang3..over betulla marlina ko nih…

anyway, i am so close at being where i am few years ago….and thats not avery nice place to be..heh..when you reach there,you’ll know what im talking about…

anyway…Thanks for the support i recieve during those’rationalization’ days..the days i called when i  need some explainations  of why things go so bad and seriously out of hand,what went wrong,the days where i need to convince myself that things happened for a reason and not all things that happened in the world is my fault..the days i need to forgive myself for letting myself be in the dark pit…-sigh-..again!

im so blessed i guess, for having a very strong support from my friends who are dearest to  me..sharing it with me…comfort me..and literally give the shoulder for me to cry on..thanks guys..

and im so lucky  also becouse i realized that i havent lost that small voice inside me which continually remind me of my greatest aim in this life and whatever happens at that moment,however miserable i am at that time,it is  not worth to be the reason to give it up..to call it quit..nothing is ever worth that much..kan marlina..

i will remember that walk i took that day when i was so close in ‘quiting’…dicelah2 kesibukan manusia lalu lalang di Stesen Bas puduraya..dihadapan kompleks Kotaraya..Pasar Seni..aku terlihat bukti2 kasih sayang Allah pada aku hambanya yg hina disisiNya
Aku terpandang gagah ikhtiar manusia2 meneruskan hidup,mencari redha..aku jumpa diri aku yang yang selalu mengeluh penat,meratap sedih,jarang beryukur dan enggan redha dengan ujian2Nya..and i found myself…


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