marlina is a control freak…

hehehe..i know..i know..
im neither proud nor ashamed of it..
thats my weakness..not of being a control freak..but being over-react about things..over-react about my feeling..
if showing ‘i do care’ in my-own-unperfect-way is a crime…i have something else to say…

since i rarely show i care..when i show might be overbearing sometimes..but stick around..i mite learn little by little this things that i should’ve known..i know..i know..

and most of the times,when doing something new i don’t really know whats really appropriate or what’s to’s trial and dun judge me like an like 5 year old in this matter…so does anybody in any unfamilliar grounds..

anyway..if you decide you can’t take it a good girl or a good boy,you think you are and tell me…why can’t you tell me?hahahaha…when i confront ppl about their inability to tell the awkward truth..they will say,they’re not use to it or they dun know how to..but why dun you learn it now,darling…

being a control freak i am..i know i need to learn to not be one coz i care…but knowing that you cannot see the need to be honest,to tell that awkward truth just  kinda show that..
which one of us  put the heart in the right place…i know im a control freak..i know im least im strong enuf to commit errors coz i want to learn…

-hah-leganya hatiku-kuikuikui….


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