false sense of security..

my mum always and always warn me of not to be too sayang kat org..dun be too nice and stuff…but i always and always go againts that..i over and over again hand out my heart to those ppl who doesn’t really care..on which i with my shortsightedness see are caring…there’s nothing rong for being nice…i once said to her…
but at that time i didn’t realize the price i have to pay for loving and caring…that is to be prepared to be ridicule..to be prepared to be rejected..to be prepared to be that person where ppl are indifference about having around or not having around…

i always and always be sad about that..sad becouse it happens..and sad becouse it happen becouse of my own mistake…becouse it is the hardest thing to forgive yourself for doing this to yourself..

maybe my mum has always see this all along..hehehe..ive sworn that i would never say this,becouse things happened for a reason,and i should learnt from it..but i will say this once coz it keep on falshing there in the fce of my mind(if i have any)…

i wish i could’ve listen to her….

anyway..yg dah terjadi..let it be…

aku rasa aku dah gak terpengaruh dgn ideologi Sasuke..dlm citer naruto..

”when nice ppl are around,we forgot to be strong….”


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