anjakan paradigma

so this year,i got two watches….hmmm…why?..i dun know..maybe because they(my housemates,Kak Mitra and Qayya+permenant residen,kin) want to stop my fav ritual before going off to school..that is to scream “lambat lagi…heshhhhh” while putting on my tudung in front of the mirror..hehe..or maybe they just want me to start doing things that i should have done instead of doing it the next morning…hehe…

this new year in my life,i can say im doing quite huge “anjakan paradigma” my principles…based on what ive learnt on my 21st year of living…so here goes,the things ive learnt..

1.personality or characther was not stagnant…its a flowing concept…and it change evry times we make very tiny little decision in our daily lives.for example,’do i smile or not to smile to this stranger i met on my way to school?’, or ‘do i give back the $2 extra given by mistake by the fruit seller’ ..or ‘do i do my homework properly and can be proud of it,or just handing it in just to meet the datelines’ i call or not to i show my i i sulk..or do i forgive..and so on…EVERY DECISION CHANGE YOU

2.If somebody take you in their life out of pity or for the sake of being nice,go out of it.Free yourself now than later.The situation wont change,no matter what you do,its not love,its not friendship.They don’t care about you,they just care how they look in your eyes.Don’t fool yourself with that thinking of someday they will see right through you and love you for who you are.It will always be pity and the need to be nice.And don’t feel terrible about it,just remember what comes around goes around.Maybe you have done it previously to somebody else you can’t even remember.

3.NO matter how many times your close friends say,you meant so much to me…no matter how much you share about your feelings or wutever…remember the very one that will risk everything in their life for you are your parents….(just a lil advise for those like me,who (untill now) live the principle of  friends come first before family during my teenage years)

4.make the most of what you got one day at a time.

haha..bila aku baca balik apa yg aku dah tulis kat atas nih…bunyinya macam org patah hati jer…harharhar….haruuuuunnn….tapi entahlah kebenaran kadangkala pahit nak diterima…its quite an attack to the friendship institution…but it does not mean that i hate evry friend i have…but i just hate myself to not being able to stop loving those who take me for granted…

penawar segala kedukaan insaniah seperti ini…adalah cinta kepada Pencipta.Allah gives us everything we own in our life…and yet kita malas communicate dgn Dia(malas sembahyang)..kalo ‘borak-borak’ pun mcm malas-malas jer(hati tidak hadir dlm solat)..malas nak baca buku yg Dia bagi(baca Quran)…malas nak memuji Dia(berzikir)…malas nak berterima kasih diatas ‘hadiah-hadiah’ yg dia bagi hari2(dgn berdoa)…malas nak simpan ‘duit’ beli tiket nak jumpa Dia nnt(macam tanak jumpa jer)..malas nak jadik the best for Him…malas for everything lah…and yet we keep complaining somebody else take us for granted…boleh blah la Marlina!

hahaha…dah ni nak buat caner nih…



One thought on “anjakan paradigma”

  1. hahaha..apekah?ko mcm tgh ckp ngan diri sendiri je ni?siap ade “blh bla la marlina!” btol gak ape ko ckp tu. huhu. Allahuakbar. skrg tgh azan subuh. aku tgh dlm telekung. pas smyg isya’ duk tunggu subuh. hohoho..

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