federal govt in Canberra Vs State Govt of NSW

Last night i was engaging myself into a tv marathon(well not really a marathon but make it short distance one).First,i watched Jamie Oliver Great Italian Escape which involve alot of Pork and swearing Fiesta(this brit sure is the foul-mouth ones).Twice in this last episode of his italian escape,he cook several HUGE slabs of PORK…first he kinda bbq it…its look yummy.kuikuikui…next he cook for his 30th birthday another,even bigger slab of pork..i can say its the same size of my study table…but seing him detaching the prok slab,one very thick  skin and fat,i say i loose interest.yuckeeeee….

enough about Jamie,next show was  House.Involve alot of tension between him and ex-wife’s boyfriend.Alot of cynic reactions and oh…and a celebrity sportman having a blood related disease.hehe..after reconciling with myself to do my homework the next morning,i continue with NCIS.

So what all this got something to do with the political bickering between the state and federal govt of australia?

The thing is,in between this show,there is 1 ad, from NSW State govt which sound something like this

After GST was implemented in AUSTRALIA,NSW has sent over 3 billions of the GST revenue to canberra and claimed,nothing has flowing back to NSW,istead they argue that the taxpayer money was used to fund other state,example given,Queensland use it to susidies its petrol price about 8cents per litre.So they ask, is this fair?

and you bet,the Fed’s react to this by another ad sound like this

After GST was implemented,NSW has recieved 44 millions from Canberra.And NSW also didn’t honor the agreement to abolish state tax with the implementation of GST.NSW is double taxing its taxpayer.And they ask,is this fair?

earlier to this,i actually wacth some of their parliamentary debate which aired on  ABC.During which,the question regarding this was answered by the fed treasury.And he condemns the Premier of NSW,for not honoring the agreement and still double taxing it’s taxpayer.so i think this is the reason the first ad come out.

Australian Politic can sometimes be so interesting.hehe…


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