what makes an effective teacher?

ramai org frown when i first say i want to be a teacher dulu.hehe.kenapa?takut ker anak2 mereka2 tu diajar oleh aku nnt.hehehe.maybe derang pelik kot.entahlah aku pun kekadang takleh nak buat per apabila my first career test,it suggest i should be a social worker or a teacher.hehe(a fact i seldom disclose to ppl)now that i have lost taste in upholding the law or anything around that subject,i think i rather be a teacher.

yesterday,i had the first educational psychology tutorial and the question was posed as our main topic for that day.

the first and foremost,a teacher should be passionate!yup, you should be passionate about teaching,passionate in delivering knowledge and passionate about the young mind in front of you,that in a few months time during which they are in your care,to influence and to motivate.

and the next is to LISTEN as well as speak.
but i think all other things that goes after passionate,will actually come after you being passionate about teaching.If you  are passionate,you will give your best.



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