love hurts coz i dunno how to handle it?

im talking about love in general not just the man-woman love sort of things..and about my own experiences….

when i love ppl,i say it and i show it.and as immature i am,i always expect ppl to do the same…say or show it,for you cannot give what u dont have.u cannot show love to another when you dun have any love for that person.its a simple logic.

the basic is ‘to show’,not to say.coz i do find it hard to say it out loud.but ‘to show’,it comes naturally along with the feeling of love and to hide it is an act of violation to the nature of humanity(exergerated)..hehe..simply mean,it cost alot to hide love.if you dun have any reason,why hide it?or the feeling isn’t strong enough and can be pushed away.

hehe,believe me.hiding love is a very complicated bussiness.sometimes you just want to run away form that person so that they didn’t see it shinning out from your heart(exergerated again)or you have to make every move a concious decisions to not show it and its really tiring. some other times you just wish them saw right through you and sort of understand.

the hardest thing about love is the expectation.You would expect the person to love you in would expect that person to love you the way you will feel loved.and you will expect that person to be the good person you want them to be.


the one thing i failed big time in my way of love.I expect alot out of love.And Im tired of it.When i love,i end up getting myself hurt by me.


Stop loving?and start some emotional free relationship with other ppl?i dun know..i just can’t handle it……

coz im that person who wear my heart proudly and failed to hide my feelings,eventhough it hurts.




One thought on “love hurts coz i dunno how to handle it?”

  1. love works in mysterious ways..

    there are times when you don’t need to speak, for both of you know.
    there are times when not telling keeps you both happy.
    there are times when action speaks louder than words.

    but ost of the times, you should just tell ppl how u feel abt them. kalau x, nyesal nanti. seriouussss….heheh

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